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Welcome to the portfolio section of davidprecht(dot)com. Within these 1s and 0s, you’ll see a selection of freelance and full-time projects I worked on organized by project type. You can also view the portfolio by associated companies.





Kevin Hart and Rally Health: Demystifying copays

Rally Health is a health company that works with employers to get their employees healthier, thus reducing costs for everyone. They used simple activities and fun rewards to motivate and consistently nudge people toward better health.

One of the most important things for Rally is making complicated health terms and concepts simple; which led to a series of videos breaking down health care vocabulary. In this video, the personification of Rally explains copays to Kevin Hart. Plus, there are jokes.

Kevin Hart and the personification of Rally simplify copays and deductibles. Let’s learn together!

Concept, script and some creative direction.


Melvin Gordon Tips: Sleep Tips

Rally Health Ambassador Melvin Gordon talked about the importance of getting enough sleep while providing simple ways to help you your z’s. “Z’s” means sleep. It’s short hand for sleep. I don’t understand it either.

Concept, script and some creative direction.


What Is Rally?

A regular ol’ animated video to drive engagement and awareness of Rally Health with both B2C and B2B audiences in mind. Also, it’s animated.

Concept, script, team collaboration.



Signal 2016 promotional content

Signal is a developer conference where Twilio showcases all the cool stuff they were releasing along with tutorials on current Twilio products.  At Signal 2016, they gave away dope backpacks with light-up, Arduino LED screens. What will they think of next?!

Created a simple teaser to both raise awareness and get people excited about Signal 2016 using a fun robot voice.

Concepted with a team and scripted.





HotelTonight is a mobile travel app that allows users to find discounted hotel accommodations at the last minute. I was tasked with creating copy for new Facebook ads for the five different personas HotelTonight had been focusing on for a new campaign.

5 personas worth of Facebook ads to drive awareness and engagement. Focused on entertaining, friendly and sassy messaging. Contract work.


IP Messaging Beta (Chat) 

Twilio is a cloud communications platform company with a bunch of apps, programs and services that help companies better connect with customers. Phone calls, text messaging, video chat and more, probably.

I was the first copywriter in the company’s history, which was a surprise. I sharpened the Twilio voice, collected and refreshed content and developed a consistent brand guide.Twilio’s voice was exclusively focused on speaking to developers, but when a beta launches that appealed to marketing departments and executives as well, it took a different approach. A more human-y voice for humans.

I collaborated with product marketing managers, designers and developers to establish accessible content for multiple audiences. As a product launch beta page, I ensured consistent copy for IP Messaging that adhered to style and maintained readability.

Developed style, drove sessions to simplify language and wrote copy.


Conference product copy

Twilio’s content was largely focused on developers, hoping that engineers would find products and tell higher ups about it. But that...doesn't always work, for obvious reasons, so it was important to write this copy for a broader audience in mind. Because everyone begrudgingly has conference calls.

I met with product marketing managers, designers and developers to establish accessible content for multiple audiences. As a product launch page, I ensured consistent copy that adhered to style and maintained readability while including as much information as was needed to inform and sell the product.

Developed style, drove sessions to simplify language and wrote copy.


Voice overview

What happens when you have a bunch of under-performing content without much in the form of SEO? Find out below!

Spoiler: You rewrite it with new SEO research and content and improve the conversion rate. BAM!

I worked with the analytics team, product marketing managers, designers and developers to refresh content for multiple audiences. Adding SEO keywords and more consistent copy that adhered to style and maintained readability, led to a 5% conversion jump.

Refined style, drove SEO conversations and wrote copy.





I was contracted to write a bunch of in-store ads for costume jewelry and earrings for a little company called Target. I guess they’re located around the world. To see my copy writ large, on giant vinyl banners in store was wild.

Wrote sales copy for in-store advertisements leveraging punk rock aesthetics, language and vibe.


Messaging and localized content

The majority of my projects for Rally were B2B2C, and this new event, a health fest bus, would bring everything that is Rally to employers AND the public at large. From activities to rewards to surprise appearances by Health Ambassadors Kevin Hart. Woo-boy. It was a hoot.

City-specific pages for Rally’s inaugural bus tour, taking the message of Rally, activities and prizes across the US.

Developed style guide for the tour including taglines and city-specific content.





Tethered is an existentialist zombie original graphic novel influenced by Albert Camus’s The Stranger and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. In the words of Rainn Wilson, "Tethered reimagines the zombie universe with a terrifyingly dark spiritual twist. Haunting." 

I worked with an amazing team (artist Danny Luckert and letterer Lindsay McComb) on my self-published graphic novel (which is a fancy way of saying long comic book). 

Comic Bastards
Nerds of a Kind
Fanbase Press
Escapist Comics Podcast

I wrote this!


Reading With Pictures is a nonprofit started to help kids learn to read through the medium of comics and bridge the gap between entertainment and education.

I spent two years living in Seoul, South Korea, teaching English and writing, and while there I got the chance to write about trying to understand and connect in a place where I didn’t know the language. This became the basis for my short story, Visual Cues. Plus, I got to work with an awesome Korean artist (Cho Youn Chul).

Bleeding Cool

Wrote and developed an original graphic short story for the Reading With Pictures Anthology, Volume 1.